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    Contadora valorizadora de billetes transportable con asa
    Contadora - Valorizadora de billetes por sistema de fricción. Puede procesar un fajo de billetes mezclados. Con display gráfico que permite mostrar mensajes al operador Máquina Transportable - Máquina  ligera con asa para ser transportada fácilmente   Interface amigable - Display TFT de 7 pulgadas con controles sencillos   Calidad/Precio Inmejorable - Maquina apta para un uso moderado a un precio muy competitivo .

    Banknote sorter Two-station banknote valorizer using Image Recognition Technology along with all current techniques for counterfeit detection Higher Operations - How to separate a denomination from the rest Updatable Software-Facilitates software and denomination updates. Self-Diagnostic Software - Facilitates maintenance
  • DBF 2300

    Counterfeit banknote detector Portable counterfeit detector with validation of the 8 types of Denominations of Euro banknotes. The equipment has infrared detection, magnetic, security wire and dimensions of the ticket in addition to being able to validate the ticket in any of its 4 positions. Validation in the 4 positions – Do not waste time, simply enter the notes Cumulative result – The team keeps the record of the total of all validated bank notes. Valid for 8 denominations of banknotes – banknotes validator suitable for all denominations
  • HYUNDAI IH-110

    Robust banknote counting machine counting valuing banknotes from a pocket. Robust and powerful machine with 3 detection methods. 3 counting methods – The machine can count mixed names, count the processed units and classify a single denomination with stoppages. Certified by the ECB – Machine certified and suitable to work with the Euro Delivered with 3 currencies enabled  – Euro, GBP, US Dollar
  • HYUNDAI IH-210

    3-POCKET BANKNOTE SORTER Three-pocket banknote sorter with a compact design of up to 32 denominations and 16 mixed denominations. Compact size with 3 pockets – saves space and minimizes movements related to cash treatment Advanced security technologies – Thanks to its color and false sensor numbers, the IH-210 provides a high level of security for up to 32 mixed designations. Easy-to-use system – thanks to its simple software and 5-inch touchscreen with adjustable angle, the IH-210 is a very easy machine to use.
  • IFX Serie i200

    Ticket sorter and TITO from two stations reliable at 99.99% Fast, reliable and easy to use, the most practical two-pocket sorter on the market. Lowest number of rejections in the industry -Enjoy your fast count without interruption. Two very functional pockets -Increases the productivity of operators. Banknotes and TITO – Don't waste time sorting notes.
  • IFX Serie i400

    NOTE AND TITO SORTER  Banknote and TITO sorters up to 17 pockets faster and more compact than ever! Configurable Pockets – Gain versatility by modifying the number of pockets. 20" touch screen – Very friendly user software. A continuous loading Hopper – No need to finish sorting the tickets placed to place more
  • iH100

    Banknote and Tito counting machine    Certified by the ECB, suitable for sustained use of banknote counting or TITO. Interim process to be equipped with rejection drawer.   Banknotes and TITO – Thanks to its high-performance scanner, the titrative counter can porcesar Rejection Pocket – Uninterrupted count thanks to the rejection pocket Robusta Machine – Banknote titrating machine suitable for sustained use.
  • MIB-11 (+TITO)

    Two-tray banknote sorter and tito Korean-made TITO and banknote sorter perfect for a gaming hall or collection center where tito tickets need to be processed. Compact -Machine of compact size compared to its characteristics and speed 40 currencies available – The machine comes with an availability to choose from 40 currencies Banknotes and TITO – Don't waste time sorting cheques.